A street-style mood with chic contrasts, essential shapes that alternate with the purity of materials in the colours of free souls.
The Gianni Chiarini F/W 16-­17 collection draws inspiration from this world, where composition perfection and production rigour nod to the irony of original and identifying details.
A fresh, urban, disenchanted and fun femininity that does not fear contrasts, experiments and creates something extraordinarily unique.

The beat is pressing, the make up is pronounced, the hair is loose. “The dark side of the moon” in fashion, but with extremely elegant and chic details: glam‐rock continues setting the season’s trends, Gianni Chiarini interprets it with craftsmanship and an exceptional Made in Italy look.
A contemporary twist in the essential elements of the shapes that define clutch bags, carryalls and unconventional shoulder bags.
The black and silver paint refined leather and are completed by studded or perforated punk details, always enshrined in a retro bon‐ton taste.
The essential elegance of the brand becomes the leitmotif of the line, freely interpreted in rigid and geometric models or in soft and linear ones. The artisan taste and the known background of the leather is the starting point, the artistic experimentation, the goal: smooth surfaces with micro-­patterns, delicate and hardly perceivable animalier prints.
Mock croc is featured as a perfect texture for urban‐chic looks, in an evergreen total black or with touches of amazing pop colours.
Metal illuminates profiles, sparks of black, silver and graphite for easy‐to-­go laminated items, chain details become gentler turning into leather weaves.
Geometry, balance and sober style for the Saffian handbags where the classical nature accelerates with metal colours thus turning into an on­ the road one.

A return to the origin, a remote echo that reaches the present time crossing the landscape and making it the next horizon.
Gianni Chiarini designs the Modern Country line drawing inspiration from the Earth, when deep, uncontaminated and in its freest state.
The earthy and warm nuances of brown, mustard, burnt brown and camel talk about unexplored places, but with a contemporary, new and authentic slang: craftsmanship on modern lines, natural and deep grains that mark the leather with an urban, yet extremely feminine allure.
It is the dream of a rural aristocracy, today interpreted by the style of a woman that travels, knows, finds herself on the road she walks along: carryalls, handbags and shoulder bags ensure comfort as a priority, in the freedom of movement that enhances the fringed details, the weaved profiles and the wild surfaces.
A souvenir of the mythical Seventies in the moon shapes and ethnic details, such as the composite shoulder bags that give rise to new and unexpected combinations of animalier prints and bright colours. And then Scarlet, the rough diamonds of this uncontaminated vision: an identifying accessory in the shoulder or strap model, enriched by the precious metal chain.
The enveloping grainy leather in toffee colour, the retro shape toned down by interruptions that draw the contours of a remote landscape where the sky is always blue.

Getting rid of what is extra, the balance of things that are properly made, the expertise that does not need anything else.
Gianni Chiarini defines a new fashion design concept through a line where simplicity and purity create marvellous concept items. Aesthetics without frills that dictates the rules of the Essential Shapes collection, where contemporary minimalism blends with the decades old craftsmanship of the brand.
Hence the style moves away from the aseptic and indifferent mood to turn into a delicate and perceivable emotion.
Discreet, whispered, non invasive materials get rid of patterns and textures: pure and true material, boasting its workmanship giving rise to linear models, free from any excess that draws inspiration from an architectural and product design.
Details featuring the least common denominator of a perfect synthesis, shapes are sinuous and defined. Shapes feature the criterion of a sharp cornered geometry with a decisive and stubborn character or of a docile and cautious softness.
Delicate and pale solid colours that identify themselves with the classic nature of black, grey and marron glace.

A style is recognised via icons.
This is why Gianni Chiarini has created Helena: to talk about himself with a feminine voice, to enshrine his world in a small work of art because simplicity and good taste is always fashionable. Helena wears different nuances, ranging from the most classic ones metal & glamrock mood ones, always with an iconic and recognisable shape of a true it-­bag.

Gianni Chiarini accessories unveils new shades, lights and shadows of another femininity, where irony and high profile can meet, enjoy each other and communicate. A homage to the magic of winter, to the colours of autumn.
To all the good vibes awaiting us.